About Us and the Shop

This is Hilde’s parents’ home. Granddad Maurice, a painter, bought the house from the social welfare centre “OCMW” in 1960. With his wife Hélène, they operated a paint store for 45 years. 2 of their 6 children were born here. In 1961 the house was stripped and replaced by a comfortable house with shop. Their only son, Paul, followed in the footsteps of his father and continued to operate the shop with his wife Roza. Hilde was 2 years old when they moved to this village shop. Apart from paint and wallpaper, they also sold school supplies, leatherwork, presents and even Matchbox cars. In 1972, the largest part of the garden had to make way to double the surface of the living space and shop. In 2001, Roza retired and the shop was closed permanently. Hilde then decided to move her graphic design agency to the shop. In 2017, the creative couple, Hilde and Marc, decided to thoroughly renovate the entire house. They stripped the house and renovated it in one year’s time with this modern holiday home as a result.

Marc, Hilde, the kids … and the others
Hilde and Marc work in the creative (she) and the cultural (he) sector. Hilde is a graphic designer, Marc a sound technician touring both in Belgium and abroad in the company of musicians. With four children, the house is always full of life. To say it’s always a full house would be exaggerated, but people love to have company over, here. Friends, friends of the children, an uncle or aunt popping by, etc. A house full of people, that’s how it should be. Such as during the house concerts, that Hilde and Marc organise on a regular basis and that are attended by renowned musicians and a loyal audience. As the concerts are really popular, it is advisable to book in time

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